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The Kentucky Warriors Basketball Club is an academy based organization that offers year-round basketball skills training, league play and Select travel tournament teams.

Based in the Tri-State area of Northern Kentucky, SW Ohio and SE Indiana we are the oldest and most experienced year round basketball club in the area. The Warriors play year round in leagues and tournaments in Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana, offering teams and training for boys and girls, beginners to elite players. Our core focus is on the skills development of players to prepare them physically and mentally for the high school game and ideally an academic or athletic college scholarship.

The Warriors offer highly experienced and committed year-round coaches for our Warriors teams.. A committed coaching staff ensures a consistent, stable and challenging learning environment for players. In the Tri-State area area the Warriors offer both AAU teams and REC teams. Our AAU teams are for advanced and elite players and our REC teams are for intermediate and advanced players, both leagues are available to play in year round. If you are looking to improve individually we offer skills training with both Intermediate and Advanced classes.

The Warriors basketball club is for players that want to either just be a part of a team for 1 session or make a year round commitment to do the necessary work to develop and improve their individual and team basketball skills to be the best that they can be. We have teams or training for either type player, with the focus on constantly learning and improving. We also want to teach life lessons through basketball that we feel prepares players for a successful life. Lessons such as following rules, how to lead and follow, how to take instruction, working toward a common team goal, improving, learning, listening & communicating with others and multiple other life lessons. Basketball teaches great lessons that help players in school, life and their future career.

For more information, or to sign up for a team or skills training email your information to [email protected]. To see more about the Kentucky Warriors, go to our Facebook page.

About Kentucky Warriors

The Kentucky Warriors Basketball Club, founded in January, 2010 and based in the Northern Kentucky/SW Ohio/SE Indiana area, offers year round basketball skills training, team practices, team leagues and Select travel teams.

For both boys and girls, beginners to elite players, all ages. We offer both AAU teams and REC teams, our AAU teams are for advanced and elite players and our REC teams are for intermediate and advanced players. Both leagues are available to play in year-round. The Warriors also offer year-round individual and group basketball skills training sessions along with specialized Speed / Agility / Jump / Strength training sessions that will improve your athleticism.

For tryout, skills training or specialized training and league information contact Coach Ben

Ben Coffman - Ben is the founder, director, coach and the basketball skills trainer for the Kentucky Warriors Basketball Club. He has been a life long multi-sports director and coach, helping kids with life lessons and education through basketball. Ben's basketball system comes from the origins of basketball. Ben was trained by his father, Bennie Coffman, who was trained by Adolph Rupp at the University of Kentucky and Rupp was trained by the founder of basketball, Dr. James Naismith and the father of coaching, Phog Allen at the University of Kansas. Kentucky and Kansas are the two winningest college basketball programs in history. His father was drafted by the Syracuse Nationals (now the Philadelphia 76ers) out of UK but chose to go into coaching instead. His father then went on to a highly successful high school and college coaching career.

From the time he could walk, Ben was a self professed "gym rat", always with his father at practices, skills training and games, watching and learning, while his dad coached.

Ben was also trained through his own successful playing and coaching experience. He was an elite player in high school and earned a D-I basketball scholarship. After college, Ben also played All-Army basketball while serving in the Communications Corp in the U.S. Army. He coaches multiple teams with the Kentucky Warriors, boys and girls, always competing at the top while winning many leagues and tournaments. Our large staff of experienced and committed year round coaches give the Kentucky Warriors a leading group of basketball and training instructors in the Tri-State area. By joining the Kentucky Warriors you will have year-round access to some of the best basketball coaching and training in the area. We are dedicated to making players the best they can be by the time they graduate high school, with the goal of earning a college athletic or academic scholarship. In addition, we strive to teach life lessons and educational lessons through basketball.

Our Mission

Our mission is to teach student-athletes how to become better students, individuals, players and teammates.

We are all about learning, improving and competing at the highest level every time we come into the gym! We want to teach more than basketball, we want our athletes to learn how to succeed in the game of life as well. Stressing to our players to learn and improve every day, not just in basketball, but in life as well. Basketball teaches great life lessons!

We want to produce outstanding student-athletes that graduate high school and go on to higher education, hopefully with an athletic or academic scholarship, then graduate and become a success in life! We strive to offer an amateur sports program for all people to have the physical, mental, and moral development of amateur athletes and to promote good sportsmanship and good citizenship.

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